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Parents' use of negative communication with their teens is a common cause of chronic conflict.


Teenagers and Communication.

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Heavy users of social media increase their (adolescents) risk of depression by 27 percent.


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Heightened family conflict increases risk-taking behaviour in adolescents.


Adolescent neurodevelopment of cognitive control and risk taking in negative family context. 

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Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Nearly 1 in 3 adolescents will meet the criteria for anxiety disorder by the age of 18.


2017 Children’s Mental Health Report,

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Every child is unique and parenting can be the most rewarding job on the planet…but it isn’t always easy.

You want and try to do your best…

But there’s no parenting rulebook with all the answers (Truth: even if there was, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to raising children).

As a parent, do you find yourself thinking…

“Where did it all go wrong?”

“Is this just a phase? Is it normal?”

“I wish things were how they used to be.”

Maybe right now you are terrified for your kid’s safety because they are putting themselves in danger (whether through drink and alcohol misuse, skipping school, or hanging out with ‘the wrong crowd’).

Or are you struggling to connect with a teen who has become withdrawn and no longer talks to you. They may be experiencing mental health struggles, are being bullied, or feeling isolated because they are ‘different’ in some way.

If you are a parent who wants to reconnect with their teen, truly understand what’s going on for them and help them get their lives back on track…

Then guess what, your teen holds all the answers…they just need is to be seen and heard before they can reveal them.

That’s where we help at Unique Parenting.

We offer bespoke packages specifically designed to help your family move forward. They offer the simplest and most powerful ways to raise awareness on all sides, to increase trust, and foster stronger connection.

It all starts with your commitment to change and recognising your family is worth it.

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“The thing about parenting rules are there aren't any. that's what makes it so difficult"

– Ewan McGregor –

The Trouble Shooter

Perfect for one pressing issue that needs a plan of action. You will gain clarity into the situation and leave with actionable steps to take.

New Start

Ideal for families who have multiple or complex issues to address and desire that extra bit of help getting back on track.

Family Refresh

Perfect for addressing complex/multiple issues over an extended period of time (12 weeks) to maximise the potential for long term change.